Keelscape, the website where you can map your waypoints, anchorages and routes as you travel the seven seas. Your adoring public can view your position on the webpage. The detailed descriptions you enter provide information for the cruising community and a handy reminder of your favourite anchorages.

The page was borne from dissatisfaction with other yacht tracking websites and Hugh's skills with coding. Sailing and enjoying the amazing places we are in (not to mention internet accessibility) have restricted the page development, but it is an effective tool. It is designed to be consistent with the position reporting application in sailmail/ winlink to enable reporting when you are out of internet accessibility, you just input an additional email address ( in the 'to' box where the position report is sent. Alternatively when you have internet access you can input the data straight onto the page.

Check it out here, you can also see other yacht positions by selecting the 'who's out there' link.


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